Samsung SCX-4216 D1

The Samsung SCX-4216 D1 is a multifunction printer for home and small office use. These products are for the Samsung ML-1710D3 toner cartridge.

All ReChargX products are covered by our 100% No Time Limit and No 'Fine Print' guarantee.

Samsung SCX-4216 D1 Toner Refill Kit

  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • Save $75.04 compared to the average $94.99 retail cartridge price.
  • Contains 90g of premium print graphics toner.
  • Item #: RX094
  • Our Price: $19.95
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    Qty 1: $19.95
    Qty 2-4: $17.95
    Qty 5-9: $16.95
    Qty 10+: $15.95

Samsung SCX-4216 D1 Compatible Toner Cartridge

  • Save $48.04 compared to the average $94.99 retail price.
  • Contains 90g of our premium print graphics toner.
  • Item #: RXR094
  • Our Price: $46.95
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    Qty 1: $46.95
    Qty 2-4: $44.95
    Qty 5-9: $43.95
    Qty 10+: $42.95

Samsung SCX-4216 D1 Empty Toner Cartridge

  • Call 352.343.7533 or 800.527.3712 for availability
  • ReChargX (once-used, never remanufactured or refilled) toner cartridge only.
  • Contains NO TONER
  • Item #: MTX215B
  • Our Price: $29.95

It's Worth It

Great and easy to install

Reviewer: S.P.
Location: Massachesetts
Review Date: September 29

Excellent Service, Prompt Service And They're Friendly

We have purchased refill kits for Samsung, HP and Canon printers now multiple times, together with the refill tools the first time. The prices are good, service is prompt and friendly and there are always clean-up cloths and paper to work on, spare plugs or fuses if necessary - and the sweet little bonus! Thanks for the excellent servce!

Reviewer: Kevin D.
Location: Chico, CA
Review Date: October 30

Excellent product!!!

The whole process took less than 5 minutes. The only difficulty was removing the old plug without damaging it. Cartridge has been working perfectly.

Reviewer: Fred B
Location: California
Review Date: October 19

Refill toner and save $200-$400 on the new drum

The toner works great, just like a new drum. Easy to refill, just open the cap and drop it in, anyone can do it. It's a great way to save a lot money insread of buying a new drum each time at $80-$100. Great service, thanks the TonerRefillKits.

Reviewer: KC
Location: California
Review Date: October 19

Best Thing Since Tennis Shoes!

My order was filled and delivered as promised, the refill of my Samgsung ML-1750 toner cartrige was painless. AND the print quality is equal to the original.

Reviewer: Lucien O.
Location: Texas
Review Date: October 19

Very Good Product

The kit is easy to use and doing excellent work for me.

Reviewer: Paul T.
Location: CA
Review Date: October 19

Experience with Samsung

I was able to recharge the Samsung with toner in a few minutes with no problem.I recommend the ReChargX kits.

Reviewer: Jimmy J
Location: Florida
Review Date: October 19

Samsung ML 1710 Toner Refill

Original Samsung toner is $80. Your refill $30! Refilling is easier than I thought. Done in 2 minutes. Print quality is excellent. Great job guys.

Reviewer: Martin V.
Location: Florida
Review Date: October 19

Excellent, I Will Definitely Buy Again

The Samsung ML 1710 RX094 kit worked exactly as you said it would, easy as pop and pour! The print quality is flawless!

Reviewer: Arvind K.
Location: CT
Review Date: October 19

Great products, Great service

The refill kits I ordered are great and so was the price. The service was fast, I had my order in several days. I have found my toner supply store.

Reviewer: Dennis P
Location: Michigan
Review Date: October 19

Samsung ML1710 refill

Easy to use, good directions anad print quality was like new. Great product that will save me a lot of money. Thank You.

Reviewer: Tony C
Location: NY
Review Date: October 19

Works Like a Dream

Excellent product and effortless to use. Clean, quick, and my refilled cartridge functions like new!

Reviewer: Mike S.
Location: Virginia
Review Date: October 19

Spectacular Results

Easy 'User Friendly' instructions, quick, efficient, clean and above all results are SPECTACULAR. Cannot wait until they do a refill for my other laser printer.

Reviewer: Kevin H
Location: United Kingdom
Review Date: October 19

Quick Response and Shipping of Product

I was extremely satisfied with the web site purchase, and the quick response and shipping of the product. I have been using original cartridges for the past year and have just refilled a spent cartridge on receipt of your refill kit. I was pleasantly surprised with the easy instructions, and the great look of my prints. Dhanesh Kumar, Global Talk Calling Centre and Cyber Cafe [email protected]

Reviewer: Dhanesh K.
Location: Miami, FL
Review Date: October 19

What a Money Saver!

So easy to use. Works perfectly.

Reviewer: Mary H.
Location: OR
Review Date: November 17

Another Satisfied First-timer

I took a chance with your product because your website was friendly and reassuring. The refill turned out to be quick (about 3 minutes), cheap, and effective. I'm pleased that the cartridge was reusable, and my father liked the M&Ms. It will be a pleasure to recommend you to my friends and business associates.

Reviewer: Peter W.
Location: Maryland
Review Date: January 26

If This 88 Year Old Fellow Can Do It, So Can You

I am an older man. I feared using a refill. Took a chance anyway. And was it ever easy! No fear for me next time!

Reviewer: John C.,S.J.
Location: Louisiana
Review Date: December 7

A very easy way to save money

I have used the RX094 refill kit once before for my Samsung ML 1710/1740 printers. This was an easy way to save money, the instructions are clear, the bottle has the right design to pour in the toner without a mess, well thought-out product line, with quick delivery and tracking information and best of all the kit comes with a package of M&Ms!

Reviewer: Robert G.
Location: Mill Neck, NY
Review Date: August 25

Excellent Product

Excellent product. Worked exactly as promised. Instructions even included filling starter cartridge which was my situation. Before this I skimped on printing to save buying a $100 that is history.

Reviewer: Jeffrey D.
Location: Salisbury, NC
Review Date: April 6

Easy and Economical

For my Samsung flatbed multi-function laser printer I ordered the kit on a Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday! Was shocked and happy at the same time! I highly recommend TonerRefillKits for laser toner! Easy & economical!

Reviewer: Chyrisse T.
Location: Tampa, FL
Review Date: April 6

Inexpensive Printer? Save Yourself More Money Now

Purchased an inexpensive Samsung laser printer and then was shocked to find out that the Samsung toner cartridge costs more than the printer. So, I found TonerRefillKits and have been refilling my machine now for over a year with their product. I've saved hundreds of dollars.

Reviewer: C. B.
Location: California
Review Date: April 6