Xerox XD 125 F

The Xerox XD 125 F is a multifunction printer for home and small office use. These are for the Xerox 6R914 toner cartridge.

All ReChargX products are covered by our 100% No Time Limit and No 'Fine Print' guarantee.

Xerox XD 125 F Toner Refill Kit

  • DIY Toner Refill Kit.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • Contains 220g of premium print graphics toner.
  • Includes 50g of developer.
  • Save $142.04 compared to the average $167.99 retail cartridge price.
  • Item #: RX015
  • Our Price: $25.95
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    Qty 1: $25.95
    Qty 2-4: $23.95
    Qty 5-9: $22.95
    Qty 10+: $21.95

ReChargX Tool Kit

  • 110v Volt (North America)
  • 220v Volt (Europe)
  • 240v Volt (Australia)

ReChargX Tool Kit - Buy it once, use it indefinitely! (This tool kit is used for all cartridges requiring a tool kit - Make sure you select your voltage).

  • Our Price: $12.95

Xerox XD 125 F Compatible Toner Cartridge

  • ReChargX Ready-to-Print compatible toner cartridge.
  • Save $116.04 compared to the average $167.99 retail price.
  • Contains 220g of our premium print graphics toner.
  • Item #: RXR015
  • Our Price: $51.95
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    Qty 1: $51.95
    Qty 2-4: $49.95
    Qty 5-9: $48.95
    Qty 10+: $47.95

Xerox XD 125 F Drum Unit

  • Compatible drum unit.
  • Save $157.04 compared to the average $208.99 retail price.
  • Item #: RXDR015
  • Our Price: $51.95
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    Qty 1: $51.95
    Qty 2-4: $49.95
    Qty 5-9: $48.95
    Qty 10+: $47.95

Xerox XD 125 F Empty Toner Cartridge

  • Empty toner cartridge
  • Call 352.343.7533 or 800.527.3712 for availability
  • ReChargX Empty (once-used, never remanufactured or refilled) toner cartridge only.
  • Contains NO TONER
  • Item #: MTX015
  • Our Price: $24.95

Great Savings, Top Quality

Refilling my Xerox copier or HP printer cartridges is quick and easy, and the resulting print quality is impeccable. Each time I save $200. I have found no similar products elsewhere. I love what you are doing.

Reviewer: Don W.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Review Date: September 19

Excellent Quality

I was skeptical at first. I would give Toner Refill Com a 5 star. Quality was excellent.

Reviewer: ANGELA B
Review Date: September 18

This is a super way to save money and environment!

Not only does the product work as advertized they have super service.

Reviewer: David B.
Location: Virginia Beach
Review Date: October 19

Works Just Like It Should

Your refill kit is excellent and the instructions couldn't be clearer! I didn't expect it to be so easy, and I saved $140.00 by refilling. The XD100 refill works just like it should, making crisp, clear copies and printouts.

Reviewer: Jeff S.
Location: US
Review Date: May 15

This Company Does a Great Product.

Took me while to find the company on the net, but well worth the search. An excellent cost effective product and 5star international service. Results in the copier are first rate. Delighted. Nothing like this in Europe that I could find.

Reviewer: Alexander M.
Location: Great Britain
Review Date: March 7

What Could Be So Easy?

OK, I told myself, even if this refill process isn't half as easy as they say, I'm going to save some serious money by refilling my own toner cartridges. The 'refill moment' came, and - it was REALLY easy. And thanks for the M&M's.

Reviewer: Dave S.
Location: Wisconsin
Review Date: March 29

Cost 1/3 Less Than One Cartridge

I had two printers telling me the toner was low and decided to try the refill to save some hard earned money. I was leary as to whether it would work or be as easy as they made it seem. Long story short, I read the directions and thought something was wrong as it seemed way too easy, so I re-read, followed directions and was done in no time. Didn't even get to eat the M&M's till after I was done. Kits come with everything inlcuding paper towel to work on and rag to clean up. Hold punch kit has pliers, screwdriver, timer and a flashlight included. Nice touch. The price of both kits, including hole puch and shipping, cost 1/3 less than one cartridge.

Reviewer: Carl J.
Location: U.S.
Review Date: June 13

Tone Up The Printer - Tone Down The Bill

I have been using the RX-015 toner refill kit for two years. I couldn't ask for a better system to refill the toner for my Xerox XD-100 WorkCentre. A new toner cartridge costs nearly as much as the original price I paid for the XD-100; a toner refill is considerably less and just as effective.

Reviewer: J. L.
Location: MN
Review Date: July 18

Believe It Or Not

Refill kit for Xerox copier XD125F installed; it's as easy as described in the literature.

Reviewer: A.G.
Location: Georgia
Review Date: January 2

As easy as 1,2,3.

The refill kit was very very very easy to use. I just followed the instructions and I was done in five minutes. Copies made from the refilled cartridge are as good as a new cartridge.

Reviewer: Wayne W.
Location: California
Review Date: December 22

Good News...I switched to!

Verbatim instructions on how to refill you cartridge. Easy Easy Easy!

Reviewer: Robert S.
Location: Alabama
Review Date: August 12

We Use These for All Our Printers

Great service! Ordered around 3 pm and it shipped the same day! We use for all our printers. Thanks for the great product!

Reviewer: Kirk M.
Location: Bradenton, FL
Review Date: April 25

I've Quit Paying the Local Superstore Over $100

I've been purchasing and using this replacement toner for probably two years now. I wanted to see what the product was like over the long term. The only thing that's happening is I've quit paying the local superstore over $100 each (I think it was more like $130) for new cartridges, while my Sharp AL1340 continues to be a workhorse using the replacement toner from this company. Nothing exciting...just reliability..and M&Ms of course.

Reviewer: David P.
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Review Date: April 19