The Best Ways to Save Money on Printer Toner


Printer toner can quickly become one of the biggest expenses in your business (and certainly a hit for those doing prints at home); though the printer came cheap and toner costs and arm and a leg – we’re going to give you a down-to-Earth guide on our favorite ways to save money on printer toner.

#1: Invest in Quality Printers and Consumables

We’ve previously listed the reasons to buy a laser toner printer and the difference between the standard-yield and high-yield toner cartridges.

In short: investing the extra money for a laser toner printer will have resounding savings in the long-run because they provide a better cost-per-page.

We could give you plenty of reasons (one being the better cost on toner cartridges) but one of our followers, Mike Staples, said it best:


That extra $100 will go a looooong way in toner savings.

#2: Consider Refilling your Toner Cartridge (DIY)

A toner refill kit is a great way to cut your toner to a fraction of the retail costs; it’s a DIY approach to saving your toner cartridge from the landfill through the process of refilling the cartridge (which can be done 2 – 3 extra times).

The refill kits offered on our website are aimed to save you 70% off the price of “office superstore” prices.

The entire process takes about 10 minutes on your first go and will be different depending on your toner cartridge but here is one of our videos to give you an overview.

A refill kit is by far the best choice on saving money on your printer toner.

#3: Go with a Compatible Toner Cartridge (Ready-to-Print)

The alternative and easiest option to save money on your printer toner is to buy compatible toner cartridges; these have been remanufactured and refilled with the same gram load as the original and will provide the same level of print quality as a new cartridge.

The compatible toner cartridges on our site will save you between 30 – 50% off the retail price.

A compatible toner cartridge is right for you if you don’t find yourself the DIY-type of individual; all you need to do, with them, is pop them in just as you would a new cartridge and begin printing.

#4: Stay Conscious of your Print Jobs

Knowing what you’re printing and how much will need a little attention on your end but it’s a great way to keep the costs down on toner.

A few things to remember when printing:

  • Be aware if you accidentally clicked the print button, twice
  • Know if you’re printing extra pages of ads or comments from a Web page
  • Double check for typos and formatting to reduce the need to print twice

Staying aware of your print jobs won’t require a lot of effort but it will lead to better savings in the long-run.

#5: Use Apps and Tools for Removing Unneeded Items

Lately, we’ve been exploring the cool Chrome app: Readability.

This app allows you to save a Web page for later but what makes it especially helpful is that it strips all those annoying ads, page headers, and various site elements that waste additional toner. The app allows you to get the “meat” of the content so you’re only printing the good stuff.

There is a site that will do this same type of process called

Cutting out all the extras will save hundreds over the course of the year so keep it in mind whenever you’re printing stuff from the Web.

#6: Print in DRAFT Mode

Your printer or word processor may have a ‘draft’ mode which uses less toner because it’s trying to print as fast as possible without really focusing on the quality.

We wouldn’t recommend you use this feature for important documents but it can be great for disposable pieces such as a one-off recipe or grocery shopping list which will later be discarded.

#7: Replace the Toner Imaging Drum

The toner imaging drum is what transfers/fuses the toner onto the paper.

Over time, this piece of the printer begins to wear down and will affect the quality of your print; many people see this as a time to throw out the toner cartridge but there may actually be quite a lot of toner left in the cartridge that would go to waste.

Instead, replace the imaging drum and bring your cartridge back to tip-top shape; it will save you money especially if you’re on your second or third toner refill.

Read our guide on when you should replace the toner imaging drum for complete details.

#8: Use a Smaller Font

Your eyes won’t like you for this one but you could always change the font-size of the document you’re printing to the bare minimum for your readability. The smaller font will use less toner which makes it great if you’re printing anything that isn’t entirely important.

#9: Seek Out the Quantity Discounts

If you can: try to purchase toner products in higher quantities since they will come with quantity discounts.

We,, have a multi-tier price break for toner supplies so knowing how often you print, how much you’ll save, and planning for the future of your printing will easily add up to a great amount of savings especially if you combine shipping!

#10: Use Coupons

We,, give out many coupons throughout the year and also hold many sales events which can save you a considerable amount of money on your printer toner.

The best way to keep up to date with these coupons and deals is to follow us on Facebook or sign up for your email list.

A 10 – 15% coupon can become hundreds of dollars in extra savings depending on your toner needs.


Get in touch with us through email, Live Chat, or on the phone and we’ll share our full knowledge of how YOU can save the most on your printer toner – we’re here to help.


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